R1150R Performance Software

Pirates' Lair delivers again with the R1150R Performance Chip from RhineWest, Inc. The performance software for the R1150R improves peak horsepower and dramatically improves the bikes on and off road characteristics. It provides more linear power and smooths the acceleration of your "Roadster" throughout the powerband with both stock and aftermarket exhausts. Expect a power increase of between 3-5 HP at the rear wheel and 3-5 Ft-Lbs of torque from around 3000 RPM to redline across the entire power band. Keep in mind that engine HP numbers are usually 15% higher than rear wheel figures.

Install is very straight forward.(see link below). Just pull the factory chip and plug this kit in. No other mods necessary. FYI.. I have personally sold over 2000 K1200RS chips and not a single chip has been returned for problems or due to not delivering HP as claimed. That's 100% satisfaction!! It appears that Rhinewest Performance, Inc has once again, set a new industry standard in bolt-on performance. All this with in iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee.

We offer 3 versions of chips for your R1150R. Check link below to determine which is right for your bike.. Note: Removing your tank and checking the computer box #'s will be necessary for proper chip selection. If in doubt... call us at 828.628.7093 EST and we'll help you figure it out.

Tech Talk from RhineWest: "The R chip was developed for use with either stock or aftermarket exhaust systems. The twin-chips have two maps installed on each chip, enabling the computer to run on either a stock or after-market pipe. We call the stock pipe a high back pressure version ( like the stock exhaust or the Remus street ) and a free flow version ( Remus race ). Over 500 dyno runs have proven that unless software is done, most "performance" exhaust systems will kill the torque on the bike, thus killing the power (horsepower is the integral of force over a distance). In the few cases where they do increase the peak horsepower of the bike, the bike loses all of the low-end torque. This bike will be considerably slower than the higher torque but lower horsepower stock bike. Torque is what makes the R1150R accelerate. The twins need the back pressure of the catalytic converter to help them burn all of the oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber with the stock software. Take away this pressure and you create a low pressure high-flow situation that creates higher horsepower at the expense of low end torque in most cases. Again dependent on software. Exhaust systems that claim high horsepower gains on these bikes are very questionable. The laws of thermo-dynamics are still in effect, unfortunately some people try to fudge and bend them for a buck. A pipe is a static change to an engine that operates in a dynamic world. Modifying the software is the only way to make the bike benefit from the exhaust change and obtain repeatable results. Our software tells the engine what to do, and it does this dynamically."

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