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Witness the world's only K1200RS /GT Clear Tail Light Housing Kits from MotoLume (formerly Clear Alternatives). Just when you thought you had all the accessories that any sane individual could possibly want.. yet another "must have." This clear taillight housing is a direct replacement fit to the original stock units requiring no further modifications. Clear Alternatives manufactures all its products using only high quality materials and assembled with state of the art machinery. Most of their clear taillight units including this K1200RS/GT/R1150R version are complete assemblies and compatible with ALL K12's. Their taillights are chrome plated on the inside and have a redesigned lens for super reflectivity for your factory taillight bulb!

Clear Alternatives offers TWO versions of the KRS tail light but we have chosen to only carry the NON-LED Clear Housing Kit which comes with a RED dual element bulb to replace your factory bulb. Brightness is about the same as the factory taillight, but you get the clear housing effect. It's plug and play and under 10 minute install with no issues with your EVO brake systems or cruise control functions..Legal in all 50 states!
and yes, the BMW rondel comes with each kit. For . E-mail us for pricing for foreign orders before ordering. Fits every model year BMW K1200RS / 02-05 GT / R1150R.

Note: For our LED Version Clear or Smoke Taillights for the BMW K1200RS or 2002-05 K1200GT or R1150R .. Click Here.

BRAKE LED Kit Inside the Clear Taillight Housing Install How-To Click HERE
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RS / GT ClearTail Light Housing / NON-LED Kit $98.US (USPS Priority Included) Discontinued BY Manufacturer 2/2016!