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Witness the GSG K1200S Frame Sliders from GSG Moto of Germany. Aren't they beautiful? Protect your ride from some of the ugliness of going down with these German-made frame sliders. Each kit includes 2 sliders,all mounting hardware, and detailed instructions. Unlike other K1200S frame sliders on the market, GSG frame sliders install with no mods or drilling. Just bolt them on and go..

Doing track days? Deals Gap warrior? Alcoholic? Lesson the damage of a drop with a little aftermarket insurance! These are available in black only as shown. The GSG Frame Sliders fit the BMW K1200S Only!.

Note from Pirate: ".. I personally evaluated one of these kits and was immediately impressed with both the first class CNC work and the sleek design. Not only was the install relatively painless, but they even put rubber backing (pic at right) on all the parts that actually touch your bike's frame so you won't scratch anything.. These are VERY well made. Impressive in every way."

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Fitment Warning on Early 05's: We have determined that there can be a fitment problem on the very early 2005 models. If you have an 06 or 07... there's no issues. Apparently the filler neck on the fluid reservoir under the frame on the left hand side is directly centered and in the way of where the slider needs to clamp. On post Aug 2005 production models, this filler neck was moved forward and out of the way. Apparently, when the GSG sliders were designed, the manufacturer was unaware of this factory mod. So.. if you have an early 2005 K1200S you have two options. 1. You can order the parts to change the position of the filler neck from your local extortionist..er..dealer and we can provide the EXACT part #'s or 2. You'd have to return the sliders to whoever you bought them from for a refund. Please check to see if you have an early 05 before ordering. We'll help you if you need us. Consider yourself forewarned.

GSG K1200S Frame Slider Kit Complete $390.US (Fed/Ex Ground Included) Sold Out! Discontinued 4/27/09!

SPECIALS: Want to save a few doubloons? Not as anal as the rest of us poor bastards? On any given day, we may have a few slightly scratched kits on hand. Sometimes they ship in with a few transit scratches.. sometimes a customer will install them and not like them and ship them back. If I get any product in that is not perfect, I'll sell them at a slight discount. FYI.. my standards are very rigid. All flaws are cosmetic only and in most cases invisible once installed. None of the flaws effect structural integrity. Call for availability before ordering!! 828.628.7093 EST
Slightly Scratched GSG K1200S Frame Slider Kit Complete $000.US (Fed/Ex Ground Included) Discontinued 1/23/09!

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